Our services:

1) Delivery of goods by road and rail

2) Maintenance and inspection of cylinders

3) Services on the annual maintenance of cryogenic tanks of various types.

List of works:

- Purging and heating of containers with nitrogen gas;

- Revision and repair of valves;

- Check and repair the vacuum;

- Checking operation, calibration and repair of PCs;

- Pneumatic testing capacities;

- Check for leaks

4) Repair of failed nodes cryogenic tanks

5) Repair cryogenic pumps

6) Rent cylinders and containers

7) repair, inspection and recharging of fire extinguishers of carbon dioxide in volume from 1 to 40 liters

8) Servicing and repair of gas monoblock

9) Installation at the customer stationary cryogenic tanks for uninterrupted supply of cryogenic products with the idea of ​​telemetry services